Teaching & Research

Teaching at Iwate Pref. University

Taught at Aizu University

  • Programming I (C programming Language)
  • Programming III (LISP & PROLOG)
  • Operating System
  • Computer literacy

Research Supervision

Type Name of Student Title of the thesis Year University
Master Thesis Takashi Takada A Light-weight Image Compression Technique using Wavelet Transform 2006 Iwate Pref. Uni
Master Thesis Satoko Kikuchi A Soft-computing Approach to Solve the Genome Sequencing Problem 2006 Iwate Pref. Uni
Master Thesis Toshiyuki Kurokawa Rule Extraction from Large Data using Rough Set and Genetic Algorithm 2006 Iwate Pref. Uni
Master Thesis Hiromitsu Watanabe Analysis and Prediction of share Market using Chaos Theory 2005 Iwate Pref. Uni
Master Thesis Daisuke Senzaki An Adaptive Distance-based Location Management in Cellular Network 2005 Iwate Pref. Uni
Ph.D. Thesis Debasish Chakraborty A Study of QoS Constrained Dynamic Multicast Routing in Computer Network 1999 Tohoku Uni
Ph.D. Thesis Chotipat Pornavalai Quality of Service Guaranteed Routing in Integrated Service Networks 1998 Tohoku Uni
Master Thesis Debasish Chakraborty Design of a flexible operating system 1996 Tohoku Uni
Master Thesis Mitsuru Murakami A study on generalization properties of RBF neural networks 1996 Tohoku Uni
Master Thesis Chotipat Pornavalai Flexibility of Communication Network through Real-time Conn. Management 1995 Tohoku Uni
Master Thesis Koichi Tanigaki Trainable Natural Language Interface for Intelligent Agent 1995 Tohoku Uni

Graduate Research (Iwate Pref. University)


Name of Student Title of the thesis
Rintaro Yamashita A Modified GA Approach for Efficient Searching of Alternate Routes
Kazumasa Hara A Genetic Algorithm Approarch to Find Optimum Locations for Base-station in a Large Sensor Network
Daisuke Hosokawa Adaptive Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks using Ant Colony Optimization


Name of Student Title of the thesis
Naoya Ogata A Novel Efficient Non-hierachical Clustering Algorithm for High Dimensional Data
Hideyuki Kurokawa An Investigation of Degradation of Recognition due to Paratial Brain Damage using ANN


Name of Student Title of the thesis
Kousuke Saitou A Study on Non-Destructive Compression of Image Data with Descrete Wavelet Transform
Yoshihiro Satou A Study on Learning Efficiency and Generalization of BP and RBF Networks
Seiryo Noda Examination About Extraction of the Slope Feature in the Back Propagation Method


Name of Student Title of the thesis
Atsushi Ainai A New Technique to Improve Convergence in Genetic Algorithm
Takeshi Kubo Improvement of Genetic Search by Division of Search Space
Toshiyuki Kurokawa The Application of Rough Set for Feature Selection


Name of Student Title of the thesis
Hiromitsu Watanabe A Study on Stock Forcasting by Neural Network
Daisuke Senzaki Learnig the Mobility Profile to Improve the Utilization of Radio Traffic in PCN
Yoshihiro Toriumi IGA to Find Features for Different Facial Expression
Koutaro Nakamura A Study on Chaotic Time Series Prediction using Neural Network


Name of Student Title of the thesis
Shinobu Kougo Non-Destructive Compression by New LZ Algorithm
Takanori Harada IGA to Find Features for Diffent Facial Expression
Shigeyuki Fuda Genetic Algorithm with Adaptively Varying Population Size